Dog Training Graduate from Conyngham, PA

Recent dog training graduate, Camo, with Bonnie and Jack R. from Conyngham, PA. Here’s what Camo’s owners had to say: “What we liked best about the services at PBK was the friendly, professional and great facility. The doggy grooming at pick up was a pleasant surprise! When Camo tries to […] Read more »

Dog Training Graduate from Summer Hill, PA.

Recent dog training graduate, Prine, with Lyle and Andrea M. from Summer Hill, PA. Here’s what Prine’s owners had to say: “PBK took our out of control 1.5 year old English/American Bulldog and transformed into the family pet we always wanted It look a little longer but PBK was accommodating […] Read more »

Dog Training Graduates Jack, Jameson and Stella from Stowe, PA.

Recent dog training graduates Jack, Jameson and Stella with Michael and Jinnell C. from Stowe, PA. Here’s what Jack, Jameson and Stella’s owners had to say: “It was a great experience from start to finish. They explained everything to us before signing up. It was going to be challenging because […] Read more »

Dog Training Graduate from New Ringgold, PA.

Recent dog training graduate, Ruby, with Norma F and Tracee F. from New Ringgold PA. Here’s what Ruby’s owners had to say: “Everyone we dealt with was very friendly and professional. We saw a noticeable improvement after 2 week training. Before PBK Ruby was obsessed with deer and actually ran […] Read more »